caldwell advisor services provides solutions based on executive and personal experience:

Chris Caldwell, former Silicon Valley technology marketing executive, home health agency owner and Certified Life Coach serving Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice, Florida, has a wealth of experience to help clients solve business and personal issues. Whether consulting to technology startups in the elder healthcare market or coaching people facing tough challenges, Caldwell Advisors brings experience, empathy and creative solutions for success.

senior care advisor

homehomeThere are decisions that need to be made as we, or loved ones, age. Many times, we have the ability to make changes to maintain our quality of life. Sometimes, however, we need help. Caldwell Advisors can help advise you with these life changing decisions.

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elder care business consulting

homehomeFor the elderly faced with losing their independence, technology may be a lifesaver. Technology companies need to understand seniors faced with aging and how to market to this segment. Caldwell Advisors can help your company succeed.

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executive & individual consulting

homehomeEach Individual can feel frustrated by loss of dreams or difficult challenges. Successful Executives excel at selling: themselves, their ideas and their products. Don’t give up on your dreams; Caldwell Advisors’ coaching skills and communications expertise can help these problems.

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